Choosing a caterer who fits your needs isn't just about budget!

Posted on Nov 20, 2012 in Catering

Often people call and all they care about is pricing. We frequently hear “how much is this, how much is that? Can even I afford to have this catered?” The answers usually come from a brief meeting with us. There are no hard feelings no matter what the budget! So don’t be afraid, book a meeting today!

What many new clients don’t realize, is that they are doing this for the first time and that any caterer worth their salt does this many times a month! Often when people do a party themselves, they end up spending more money on things then they need to.

While food cost is a significant part of any event’s budget and needs to fit the bill in terms of flavor, quality and presentation. Far past those basic items is caterer’s comfort level with the facility, concept and execution of an event – none of which can have a price tag attached to them.

A caterer can help you build a liquor list, which can save you money if done correctly. Most other rentals are best left to the caterer as they need to use the items and know exactly what to order!

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