5 Quick Things with Lemons

Posted on Nov 20, 2012 in Miscellaneous

People like lemons, right? Even with the sourpuss face they make. So, here are five quick things you can do with the humble lemon.

1) Eat it! Maybe not on it’s own, but you CAN eat it, rind included, once cooked. Try caramelizing it!

Here’s how: Heat a pan over medium, too hot and it will burn, too cold, you get lemon soup! yuck. Slice the lemon, toss it in sugar, and in the pan it goes. Brown slightly on each side, and that’s it! Eat away!

2) Make tea! Lemon is a known benefit for cleansing and bolstering internal structures in the body! Spring time cold? Lemon is a great way to combat that problem! Boil two cups of water, place in one lemon cut in half, along with one tablespoon of honey, one small cut of fresh ginger, and a dash of apple cider vinegar. Tastes pretty decent, and feels great!

3) Clean your face! Lemon is a known astringent and toner. It may seem weird, but a little lemon juice on your face daily can be a great way to save money and look your best!

4) Zest it! The zest of lemons can be a great addition to your favorite berry desserts, fish dishes or even salads! It’s simple: take the lemon to a grater, being sure to leave the white pith beneath the skin intact. It is that pith that tastes bitter and quickly ruins all best intentions!

5) Fresh lemonade anyone? Take a good sized pitcher, lots of ice, a modest amount of sugar, and some squeezed lemons (toss the whole thing in afterwards) and that’s it! Flavor varies to quantity and personal taste, so if at first it isn’t perfect, just play with it until you hit the sweet spot. It’s cheap, easy, and vastly better for you than some store bought concentrate!

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