Comfort drinks

Posted on Dec 19, 2012 in Miscellaneous

With the chill of winter on its way, it is time to start planning holiday parties. Nothing beats a signature adult beverage on the menu to liven things up.

Hot drinks buttered rum, hot toddies, spiked coffee or hot chocolate are great options for belly warmers after spending time outside.

By far, the simplest option for a party is a punch. That way, you can set out the bowl with a ladle and cups, and your guests can serve themselves. They are simple to concoct. The trick to keeping them cold without watering them down with ice or buying a specialized container is to freeze a bowl of the juice mixer that you are planning for the punch. Make your punch in a larger bowl, and float the cube of frozen juice in the middle. For a nice effect, add some cut fruit to the mix before freezing.

Egg nog is a holiday standard. There is an easy way and a hard way to spike the nog. The hard way is to start from scratch with raw eggs, bourbon, milk, cream, sugar, vanilla, nutmeg, and lots of effort to work it into egg nog. This is a really rewarding process, like any scratch cooking. Here’s the shortcut…hit a grocery store or better a local dairy store and get some made egg nog. Then, the fun begins. Traditionally, bourbon or brandy is the way to go. However, with all of the great flavored liquors available, the options are unlimited. Kahlua Coffee Nog anyone? How about a chocolate egg nog made with curacao or Godiva Liquor?

Remember that you can keep things simple and still really impress. Use your imagination and have some fun with it.

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Acorns were used as a coffee substitute during the American Civil War.

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