Winter Feel-Good, Lemon Ginger Tea

Posted on Mar 12, 2014 in Recipes

As the depths of winter continue to pelt the window panes with sleet and snow, all of us could use a little bolstering against the grey…a way to sooth those scratchy throats and warm those achy bones, a way to just generally feel a little better, physically and emotionally.

Winter generally provides a “sinking” feeling  to the body, things get a little heavier, a little slower, and a great way to speed things back up a bit is with a lovely little tonic packed with delightful goodies sure to brighten your day. The ingredients are simple (water, lemon, ginger, honey), the preparation a breeze (boil, chop, steep), but the benefits are immense, and often immediate.

Lemon, besides being packed with vitamin C provides moisture to the interior of the body, the membranes etc. and in the dryness of winter this is a very good thing. Honey has wonderful antibiotic properties, and also aides in moisturizing, keeping your body supple and pliant. Ginger has a strengthening effect, helping the body remain robust, and it aids in stimulating circulation and in warming your core. Just eat a piece; you can literally feel the fire burning (in a good way!)

​Combine all of the above into a delicious drink and who wouldn’t want to make this part of your day, every day. And that it certainly should be, your body honestly can’t get enough of this stuff this time of year. No one generally likes feeling down, worn out, and tired…and too often old man winter gets the best of us all. Having a little help to see you through the rest of it will hopefully be a welcome relief until the green of spring begins to thaw away the winter blues and invigorate you with life and light. Drink Up! Enjoy!!

Ingredients: One Lemon, quartered. One good size piece (size of your thumb) of ginger, sliced. One table spoon (or more!)  of honey. Boiling water (enough to fill your favorite mug).

Preparation: Cut lemon and ginger. Place one quarter of the lemon and all of the ginger into the mug. Add the honey. Boil water. Pour into the mug. Let Steep five minutes. Stir. Enjoy! (Remember always that any of these ingredients can be adjusted to suit your personal taste!)

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