Culturally Unique

Posted on Jul 29, 2014 in Services

Just as any other time when choosing a caterer, a party with a unique cultural flare requires careful consideration and dialogue between yourself and a caterer. Are you comfortable talking with each other? Is the caterer understanding your wants accurately? Do they seem at ease, simply conversing, or tense and hurried? Bottom Line…if a caterer says, “I am not that familiar with…x,y,z…but I’ll certainly try” believe them. And then call another caterer.


896Recently we were involved with a 95th birthday party at America on Wheels in Allentown. It was thrown by a Hindi family, who wanted a culturally relevant menu. We were happy and able to provide a vibrant menu of family favorites and traditional offerings. As a small part of the cocktail hour, for instance, we provided delicious Samosas and Papadam, both served with Tamarind, Mint, and Spicy House-made Chutnies. As a part of the main dinner, delicious Sage Paneer was served as was Chicken Tikka Masala and a tasty Chickpea Dal. Paired with these were Basmati Rice, as well as Onion Kulcha and Naan, and we rounded out the menu by offering Gulab Jamun as a sweet closing. It’s important as a caterer to be comfortable with the party you are taking part in, whether a wedding, cultural affair, vegan, gluten or other special need diet. All of them require a level of understanding that is essential to success.

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